Lego 75187 BB-8 Build and Review

A Cute Metal Ball

We need no more introduction to BB-8, which is BB-series astromech droid belonged to Poe Dameron, a Resistance pilot. Like its predecessor R2-D2, it emitted mechanical sounds which the owner understand magically. The droid head stays on top of the rolling metal body. Finally LEGO came up with a brick build version of the BB-8 but it was not from the Lego IDEAS submission. How does LEGO managed to create a spherical out of squarish blocks?

Open box of Lego 75187 BB-8

Lego 75187 BB-8 contains 1106 parts and retail prices are USD99.99 in United States. Our box didn’t have the parts count printed. And the R2-D2 displayed beside the box is our own toy.

Lego 75197 BB-8 Front box

Back of the box showing play features of BB-8.

Lego 75197 BB-8 back of the box

A small figure of BB-8 is included.

Lepin 75187_003

Instruction manual and the sticker sheet. Lepin 75187_004Lepin 75187_005

All together there are six numbered bags for you to build. Lepin 75187_006Lepin 75187_007

Building the BB-8

Bag 1 which contains the parts for internal structure.

Lepin 75187_010

Lepin 75187_008Lepin 75187_009

Bag 2 adding more technics parts to the internal structure.

Lepin 75187_011Lepin 75187_012

Offering a torch lighter.

Lepin 75187_013

Bag 3 adding top panel.

Lepin 75187_014

Rubber band is used to hold the head in place.

Lepin 75187_015Lepin 75187_016

Bag 4 adding two side panels to the BB-8 body.

Lepin 75187_017

Lots of repetitive steps for the side panel. Remember to keep pressing!

Lepin 75187_018Lepin 75187_019Lepin 75187_020Lepin 75187_021

Bag 5 gives you two more side panel plus the mechanical arm to open the hatch.

Lepin 75187_022Lepin 75187_024Lepin 75187_025Lepin 75187_026

A brick build spherical plastic ball. LEGO isn’t suitable for building round stuff.

Lepin 75187_027

Bag 6 would be the last bag to build. It contains parts for the head of the droid and the display stand.

Lepin 75187_028Lepin 75187_029

We got the eye and things getting cute from here.

Lepin 75187_030Lepin 75187_031Lepin 75187_032Lepin 75187_033Lego 75187 BB-8 head with antenna.

A display stand with a figure of BB-8 and display plate. I hate pasting sticker!

Lepin 75187_035

Information on BB-8.

Lepin 75187_036

A cute figure of BB-8.Lepin 75187_037

Let’s have fun with BB-8

Now you see BB-8 on the stand.

Lego 75187 BB-8 complete build

Tilt the plastic ball and it won’t roll away. The stability is amazing.

Lepin 75187_039

Extending out to offer a torch. That’s as far as the arm with go. Speaking about keeping at arm’s length.

Lego 75187 BB-8Lepin 75187_041Lepin 75187_042Lepin 75187_043Lepin 75187_044Lepin 75187_045Lepin 75187_046Lepin 75187_047

Where is Master Poe?

Lego 75187 BB-8

BB-8 offering its heart to Wampa.

Lepin 75187_049

BB-8: “@$%&**(@”
R2-D2: “*&^%#)+”
Google translator failed to work here.

Lepin 75187_050

BB-8 and R2-D2.

Lepin 75187_051

Baby BB-8 and daddy.
Lepin 75187_052Lepin 75187_053Lego 75187 BB-8

The verdict

If you’re a die hard fans of LEGO and Star Wars at the same time, you could add LEGO BB-8 to your collection. Otherwise there are plenty of BB-8 toys that give you more play-ability. It’s up to you to decide whether spending USD99.99 is worth it to for a brick build version of BB-8. You could order BB-8 from Amazon.

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